Nickelodeon – Orlando, FL

View of Nickelodeon hotel and pool

Trip for 10

Ten of us arrived in Orlando and were greeted with gifts, toys and the start of another adventure.

My Nephew won the trip and he had no idea what he was in for.  We were there for the launch of Lego Friends, so legos were featured throughout the weekend.   The sponsor made sure he was able to take part in all the activities the hotel had to offer, including participating in Double Dare Live, getting slimmed, a character breakfast each day and tokens to the arcade and 3-D shows.

A private cabana was ours for use while we were at the pool, which made a great place to cool off.  All three families were treated to Suites at the Nickelodeon hotel. The final night featured a catered slumber party, complete with gaming system, big screen TV, sleeping bags and make your own sundae bar.

I don’t think any of the kids wanted to leave, it was a highlight of their summer.

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