NYC – Arsenal vs NY Red Bull

Tom and Leigh Cavalli with two friends at soccer game

We both won the grand prize.

When this sweepstakes ended I knew that there were only five total entries for two trips. You could enter once a day on twitter per person and each person could win a prize. I had two entries and so did Leigh. The other entry belonged to someone who clearly did not follow the rules. I was not sure what they were going to do. Sure enough, we both received tweets that we had won. Because of the circumstances, we could each bring a guest, so we brought another couple with us to enjoy the trip.
We happened to stay at a Hilton during their big instant win promotion. They were giving away prizes every 15 minutes. By the end of the stay, we had each won a $50 gift card and three of us had one tablets as well. There were three levels of prizes and each person could win a prize on each level. I love turning a win into another win. We also featured this in an iWIN issue and had countless winners over the summer based on tips I gave on how and when to enter.

The match was very good, but we loved spending time with friends and exploring NYC. We also went on a city tour with tickets we had won in a previous sweep.


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