NYC – USA vs Turkey

Tom Cavalli and friend in Times Square

NYC, Media Day, 50 Cent in Concert, USA Soccer and more

This trip was an unexpected surprise by the sponsor.  It had been a bit since the past two trips and the World Cup was approaching, so they invited me to NYC to see their headquarters, meet with their marketing team, and catch some more USA Soccer action.

The trip started with meeting at 530am for a 50 cent concert in Central Park….yes you read that time correct.  It was a blast and my brother and I were right up front.

From there we headed off to meet with the marketing team and discuss plans for Brazil.  They surprised me by asking me to do a photo shoot for some promotions.  A couple hours later and hundreds of photos we were off to the USA media event.

At the event, we had free access to roam and ask questions of the players.  For the most part, we observed as the hoards of media from all over the world asked the various members of Team USA anything from soccer questions to what their pre-game meal is.

Did I mention, we still went to the game the next day?  The US squad defeated Turkey in their sendoff game 2-1.  After the game we met with players for photos and autographs including a getting a team signed ball that sits in a case in my house today.

We did still find some time to catch all the great sights and sounds of NYC, as we had a free day before the game.


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