Super Bowl New Orleans

Tom and Leigh Cavalli at New Orleans Super Bowl party

VIP Events, Super Parties, Concerts

We won a random photo contest for a trip to New Orleans during Super Bowl week. The trip did not include tickets to the game, but we were treated to various VIP events.

At the Celebrity Beach Bowl we watched Deion Sanders, Neil Patrick Harris, Snoop Dog and many more show off their beach football skills. After the event Pit Bull performed.

One of the highlights was Marc Cubans Super Bowl Party. It was a spare no expense experience that was filled with celebrities. The food, drinks, entertainment, and venue were outstanding. Justin Timberlake took center stage to perform for the party. The party was actually televised live.

After attending five cruises with Bud Light, we had made a few friends that offered us passes to the Bud Light Hotel events so we could attend those parties as well. We even were able to be backstage during the pre-game concert featuring the Eli Young Band and more. Overall, despite not attending the big game, we had a fantastic time staying in the french quarter and being around all the hype.


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