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My first “big” win was when I was 6 years old – I had won an Atari from Burger King. While excited about the Atari, I still remember being most impressed that they offered my family as much free food as we wanted! I was in Heaven! The local newspaper showed up along with camera crews and I truly felt like a celebrity. I’ve never forgotten that day or feeling.Truck A few years back, I won a Cleveland Browns Chevy Silverado in a skills competition after getting picked randomly to compete.  My friends and family were watching as I outlasted the competition…and drove home in my new truck. My biggest win-to- date was a once in a lifetime opportunity traveling to Brazil for the World Cup with the USA Men’s National Soccer Team. The prize also included three additional trips to see them play in qualifiers and a send-off game. A prize package valued at over $150,000. I’ve won over 85 trips, spanning from attending sports events and concerts to stepping onto red carpets for premieres. I’ve had the privilege of attending the World Cup, the Final Four, and even a couple of Super Bowls, among other extraordinary moments.Through these wins, I’ve been given the opportunity to participate in experiences money can’t buy. Every day, a spark of anticipation ignites within me as I check the mailbox, await the phone’s ring, or log into my email, hoping to discover a new prize awaiting me. Inspired by this excitement, I established my newsletter to share this fervor with you. I diligently sift through countless sweepstakes and contests on a daily basis, handpicking those that I believe offer you the most promising odds of success.

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