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What is Sweeper University?

Sweeper University is a variety of classes that are hosted by iWIN Owner Tom. Tom shares his expertise and insights to teach you new skills, enter more efficiently and help you win more. Tom continues to enter on a daily basis and is constantly adjusting his methods to produce the best winning results. There are a variety of classes that will be available throughout the year. Each class is done at a specific day/time in a webinar format. The class size is kept small and is interactive. The reason for these classes is simple….Help you win more by teaching you new methods and ways to enter and still stay with the philosophy of entering smarter.

Classes Offered:

Instagram – Everything you want to know about entering on Instagram. A step by step guide to creating an account, editing your profile, selecting your privacy settings and alerts, making sure sponsors and promotional companies can see it.  How to Post, Edit photos, Regram and even Stories. What to look for when entering.  How to know when you are notified that you won.

Twitter – Everything you want to know about entering on Twitter.  A step by step guide to creating an account, selecting your privacy settings and alerts, editing your profile, making sure sponsors and promotional companies can see it.  How to Tweet, Retweet, Follow.  Simple searching techniques.  What to look for when entering.  How to know when you are notified that you won.

Searching – Basic guide to learn how to search using search engines and various keywords/ways to use the search feature.  Easy ways to look on social media. This class will also help you evaluate what makes a good sweep and if it is worth entering.  Some advance searching techniques will also be covered for those looking to up your search game.

Skill Contests – Don’t know how to enter a photo or even make a simple video?  Want to learn why these contests have the best odds?  This class will show you the basics to help you become more confident when entering skill or judged contests. Each time this class is offered, Tom tries to use current examples that you can enter using the skills you learn in the class.  Tom continues to have many of his big wins come from this method.

Understanding Odds – This class is designed to help you better understand your chances of winning a particular sweepstakes.  More of a probability and statistics course related to sweepstakes.  If you are a numbers person, or want a better understanding of what sweeps are worth focusing on and why, this is for you.

BRAND NEW IN 2021 ** 30 Things to make Sweeper life easier – This will include various tips, suggestions, apps and maybe things you just were not aware of that will help make entering, winning and claiming your prizes easier.  This class is great for those who want to know the shortcuts on how to do things to enter smarter and not harder. 

iWIN 101 – This is a free members only class that is offered to help you learn and understand all the features of your iWIN Membership.  Details of upcoming classes are announced in the newsletters.



30 Things to Know – Tuesday Sept 7th at 9pm EDT (75 minutes)

Understanding Odds  – Wednesday Sept 8th at 9pm EDT (75 minutes)

Twitter – Wednesday Sept 15th at 9pm EDT (90 minutes)

Instagram – Thursday Sept 16th at 9pm EDT (90 minutes)

Searching  – Tuesday Sept 21st at 9pm EDT (90 minutes)

Skill Contests – Tuesday Sept 28th at 9pm EDT (75 minutes)

iWIN 101/Discord – A 30-40 minute free member only class.  See your newsletter for upcoming offerings.

COST: Classes are $24.99 each, except for the searching class which is $29.99

** For all classes, we recommend watching the webinar on a laptop, desktop or tablet and then using a second device to follow along (for instagram classes the second device should be a phone or using the app on a tablet or computer) **

How to sign up?

Choose the class below and pay with Credit Card or paypal.  If you need to pay by check, HERE is the info on where to send the check or money order.  We will send you an email within 24-48 hours of signing up with the information you need to register for that classes specific webinar. If signing up for multiple classes, you can add each to your cart and then checkout.

Reserve your seat now!

Please be aware due to the limited availability of class space and preparation, ALL classes are non-refundable.  We will do our best to move you to another class based on availability.  

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