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What is Sweeper University?

Sweeper University, hosted by iWIN Owner Tom, offers a range of classes to enhance your skills, improve efficiency, and increase your chances of winning. Tom, an active daily participant, constantly refines his methods for optimal results. Classes are available in various formats: LIVE sessions held once a year, interactive webinars on Zoom with small class sizes, and On-Demand recordings of the LIVE classes. The goal is to teach new techniques and approaches to entering while adhering to the philosophy of smarter participation for greater success.

Classes Offered:

30 Things to make Sweeper life easier – Unlock the secrets to effortless entering, winning, and claiming prizes with a wealth of tips, suggestions, and lesser-known apps. This class is designed for those seeking shortcuts to enter smarter, not harder. Discover valuable insights and techniques to streamline your participation journey.

Organization – Discover Tom’s personal entry management system in this class: learn how he organizes and tracks his entries effectively. This class focuses on entry methods and organization, rather than finding sweepstakes. Please note that Tom utilizes an Excel file for tracking entries, so having basic Excel knowledge is beneficial but not mandatory.

Instagram – Comprehensive guide to entering and winning on Instagram: learn the basics of entering and winning through this class. Explore basic settings, posting, and creating stories. Discover simple searching techniques. Perfect for beginners looking to get started on Instagram. Gain insights on recognizing winning notifications.

X / Twitter – Comprehensive guide to entering on X / Twitter: account creation, privacy settings, alerts, profile editing, visibility to sponsors, tweeting, retweeting, following, search techniques, and recognizing winning notifications.

Searching – Beginner’s guide to effective search techniques: using search engines and keywords, exploring social media search options. Learn to evaluate sweepstakes quality and determine if they are worth entering. Advanced search techniques will be shared for those seeking to enhance their searching skills.

Skill Contests – Master the art of entering photo and video contests: learn how to submit captivating entries and understand why these contests offer better odds. Gain confidence in participating in skill or judged contests through this class. Tom, an experienced winner, incorporates current examples that align with the skills taught in the course. The revamped curriculum includes leveraging social media apps for creating entries and a brief introduction to iMovie for iPhone users.

Understanding Odds – Enhance your understanding of winning probabilities in sweepstakes through this specialized class. Dive into the realm of probability and statistics as they relate to sweepstakes. Perfect for those inclined towards numbers or seeking insights into which sweepstakes are worth prioritizing and why.


Note: All class are roughly 60-75 mintues in length, except searching which is around 90 minutes

NOTE – The On-Demand classes will be sent approximately 24 hours after the LIVE Class ends.  IF you take the Live class, you will be sent the link to the recording (good for 5 days), should you want to re-watch the class.

Times are listed for the LIVE classes.  

Organization – Available on Demand

30 Things to Know –  Available on Demand

Understanding Odds  – Available on Demand

Twitter – Available on Demand

Instagram – Available on Demand 

Searching  – Available on Demand

Skill Contests – Available on Demand

COST: Classes are $24.99 each, except for the searching class which is $29.99

** Upon ordering an on-demand class, you will receive a registration link valid for 5 days. This link grants you access to view the class, allowing you to pause, rewind, and rewatch it as many times as you wish within the 5-day period. Please be aware that the registration links are non-shareable. **

** To optimize your learning experience, we suggest watching the webinar on a laptop, desktop, or tablet. For Instagram classes, it is recommended to use a phone or the app on a tablet or computer as a second device to follow along. **

How to sign up?

Select your desired class and make payment using either Credit Card or PayPal  For check payments, click  HERE. If you prefer to pay by venmo, please click HERE.  Upon signing up, expect an email within 24-48 hours containing registration details for the specific webinar of your chosen class. For multiple class registrations, add each class to your cart and proceed to checkout

Reserve your seat now!

Important notice: All classes are non-refundable due to limited availability and preparation. We will make efforts to accommodate you in another class, subject to availability. Please be aware that for ON-DEMAND classes, your personal link will be sent within 24 hours after the LIVE class is recorded in the fall. You will have the flexibility to view, pause, and rewind the class for 5 days. Kindly note that the links are non-transferable.


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