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What Our Subscribers Are Saying

iWIN has sweepstakes that none of the other newsletters have! They find the most winnable sweeps and help you win.

Sheila | Maryland

Thanks iWINContests for helping me win $1500!

Amy | Texas

One of our most memorable wins was a NASCAR VIP weekend at Talladega Speedway that included a personal Meet & Greet with Danica Patrick, who is one of our favorite drivers. We chatted for nearly an hour, what a sweet person.

Linda | North Carolina

I would like to thank you for all the contests you find for us. Here is a picture of myself, husband and two great friends at a Buffalo Bills game yesterday. I won four tickets from the BudLight contest you told us about. Thanks again for all you do, we...

Theresa | New York

Yes, I DO like iWIN – I find sweeps that I had not found otherwise, or that slipped my mind. I DID win a trip through iWIN that I did not see anywhere else. When sweeping friends discuss newsletters, I always remember to tell them about iWIN!

Elizabeth | California

I signed up for the iWIN newsletter and the very first week I won a Petco $100 gift card. Max was so happy! I really look forward to the newsletter every Thursday!

Donna | New York

I really enjoy receiving iWINContests Newsletters for sweepstakes information on limited or few entries. It gives the subscriber an extra edge on getting in on a quickly closing contests and the best possible to win sweepstakes. All Social media chances are listed for those who like to enter through those...

Lori | Arkansas

I can’t wait for the next issue of iWINcontests to arrive! It’s filled with unique, something for everyone, easy to read contests. The ease of receiving the newsletter by e-mail makes entering a breeze and the FB site keeps me connected with other subscribers. I highly recommend iWINcontests for everyone!...

Patty | Ohio

Tom and iWIN helped me win this lawnmower in a one day sweep!

Roger | New York

I love iWIN newsletter.  I can’t wait for each issue to arrive on Thursday evening. Tom does a great job.  Tom has been known to send out special sweepstakes notices, when he finds something that can’t wait for the newsletter.  He also offers his own contest/giveaways, they are always so much fun!

Lucy | Michigan

iWINContests helped us win a once in a life time experience that we were able to share with many friends and family.  Thanks iWIN!

Donna | Ohio

As a long time subscriber to IWinContests, I have won many great prizes because of the information shared in the newsletter.The newsletter, which is sent weekly via an email, lists sweepstakes and contests that are your best bet to enter. My most memorable win is a trip to Beijing, China. I...

Krista | Ohio

iWIN gives me the opportunity to try new social media entries that I may not have tried otherwise. Tom often tells you exactly how to enter and the sky is the limit. You can anything from a koozie to a trip to Paris! Tom also shares his wins with us...

Laura | Pennsylvania

I started entering sweepstakes about a year ago. I stick to Tom’s sweepstake principle “the more you sweep, the more chances you could win”, and guess what? I won an amazing grand prize of a Music Fest Sweepstakes a week ago estimated $8100! The following is part of the exciting...

Jack | Kentucky

Here is a picture from my biggest win. An ATV won from a texting contest on iWIN! Thank you for all you do and a great newsletter.

Beth | Washington

Thanks Iwincontests.com and #iwinroscoe for helping me win this mini Jeep ATV from Mike’s Hard Lemonade! #entry

Jen | Ohio

Love your newsletter and text group I’m here because of you at the iHeartRadio 80’s music fest.

Cathy | California

I, along with so many others am a busy person, I don’t have the time that I want to devote to entering sweepstakes. I find that iwincontests.com sends out a very well informed newsletter, that is just my style. I typically spend 2-3 hours per week entering contests, on a Thursday night...

Pam | Pennsylvania

Wonderful experiences with friends are the true prizes in life. My husband and I enjoy the annual Greenwich Wine & Food Festival but with VIP tickets costing $500 each, we traditionally only attend as general admission guests. The posting on iWin to win such tickets allowed us to enjoy it...

Lisa | Connecticut

I am in heaven right now. Just checked my emails and I was already notified that I won the Refrigerator contest. I get a refrigerator worth $1,200. This was the first voting contest I have ever won. I can’t believe I won. In this contest you could not see how...

Martha | Maryland

Thanks for helping me with $1000 from the iWIN Text Group!

Lisa | Oklahoma

Thanks iWINContests!  I just got my $1000.00 from Pepsi/Culvers arctic puzzle adventure sweepstakes.

Natasha | Minnesota

iWIN is always finding the best sweeps. Thanks for helping me win a this awesome TV!

Cam | Washington

I signed up for iWin back in July 2017 at the Annual Sweepstakes Convention in Las Vegas. I had found myself getting bored with the other newsletter I had subscribed to for a few years and thought it might be time for a change. Well in the short time I...

Diane | Ohio

iWIN Contests is a great resource because it gives you access to many sweeps that aren’t listed on other sweepstake websites. if you don’t have a lot of time to enter sweepstakes iWin is great. Some of the best sweeps will be sent straight to your email inbox weekly.

Kenny | Virginia

Some of the prizes I bought with my $500 Lowes GC win!  Thanks iWIN!

Kathy W

After listening to Tom’s talk about winning 10+ trips in a year, most due to skill and perseverance, I was excited to give it a try. Upon my return home from the Las Vegas Convention, I got to work. Since then I’ve won a few small prizes, and a 1st...

Jo H

Thanks again for posting a blogger/incredible Egg Contest. This was only listed on the website. This one required you to recreate the dish the blogger made. The best part about this one….I was the ONLY one who entered! I maybe spent 15 to 20 on ingredients and walked away with...

Ilona B

Please find the Aspen Dental and Danica Patrick photos attached. It was a great trip! Aspen Dental went all out. We had a car and driver for the day, hot passes, an air conditioned travel trailer to use with couches, TVs, food and drink. It was parked just inside of...

Teri S

ACC Championship Thank you so much for adding the Food Lion MVP Sweepstakes to your newsletter! I get to take my husband to the ACC Championship game and stay warm and dry in the Food Lion tent! We are having a blast!

Rebecca T | North Carolina

I found out about IWINContests a few weeks ago from a friend who likes to “sweep” and said Tom helped her win contests, so I joined and would you believe I won the very first time I entered a contest he “picked”. Looking forward to many more wins with iWIN.

Stephanie M

NBA Finals We won a trip to the NBA Finals in Cleveland!  Thanks iWIN!

Jess S | Kansas

Private Jet to Big Game Air  Thanks Tom for the great trip I won via iWinContests. Private jet from Bud Light and Big Game Air to a college football game.  I was able to take 3 friends to see Miami take on Virginia Tech.  What a day….once in a lifetime...

Doug P | New Jersey

Limited Edition Hot Wheels Camaro Thanks to IWinContests.com and the weekly newsletter, I was the grand prize winner of this 2018 limited edition Hot Wheels Camaro with a daily entry. I’ve been entering sweepstakes for 7 years and this is my biggest win yet! Thanks Tom for all you do!

Jan | Michigan

I received my tailgating trailer that I won,  it’s pretty fantastic! Thanks for your help!


Thanks Iwincontests.com for posting in the newsletter, had a wonderful day on the Bud Light cruise on Chicago River and Lake Michigan!

Melissa C. | Illinois

If it wasn’t for Tom and iWIN we would have never known (OR WON!) about cute contests like this one. We love iWIN because of the personal advice we get from Tom and the winnable contests he provides. Something for everyone.

Heather S

Frank’s Red Hot Thanks Tom and iWINContests for letting me know about this contest! You make me look forward to Thursdays!

Brian | North Carolina

Super Bowl LIII Thank you again!!!!! Without your site I wouldn’t have won this amazing experience. Me and my husband are extremely excited and grateful.


My best friend invited me to a mini sweepstakes convention in Charlotte, N.C. about three years ago. I was impressed by one session about how to enter the sweepstakes smartly and effectively, which was taught by Tom of iWincontest.com. I therefore, signed up to be a member at the conference. 

Jack L | California

If it wasn’t for iWINContests newsletter I would have never known or entered to win a trip to Spring Training in Goodyear Arizona. The trip included airfare, hotel, special meet & greet dinner with former coaches & players. We felt like special guests of the Cleveland Indians and enjoyed several...

Valerie | Florida

Thanks to Tom and iWINContests I won a VIP trip to Miami to see the Heat play. It was a simple RT to win on Twitter. We had a blast! I have had several very nice wins from sweeps in iWINContests!

MaryBeth | Massachussetts

Thanks to iWin I was alerted to a Facebook sweep Travelocity was offering that I had not seen until that day. I entered and was one of 20 winners of a $2,000 Travelocity GC. This win allowed me to surprise my Mom with a “bucket list” trip to Alaska! It...

Kerrie B

Thanks iwincontests.com and Tom for the SwissGear luggage set I won! Now this gal is hoping for a trip win…fingers crossed!

Vicki F

Hey Tom! Just wanted to let you know I won the Sheetz $50000 for July! Just had the ceremony and got my check! Thank you iWin for letting me know about this sweeps!

Annette | North Carolina

I woke up to a message from Reese’s on Twitter! This will come in handy for Christmas. I am so excited! Thank you iwincontests.com

Jenny C | Florida

$95,000 Cash in the Michelob Ultra Superior Year Contest I have been waiting a very long time to be able to share this email with you to give iWinContests.com and Tom my personal thanks! My name is Kristen, and I was the winner of the Michelob Ultra Superior Year contest, which included...


Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR “Great news! You’ve been randomly drawn as a winner for the Drive Home in Your Very Own Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR!” OMGosh, this has been a wild experience!!! The ARV for this car is $165,000. Yes that’s right. $165K. I knew I’d win a car some day but...