Below you will find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about contests, sweepstakes, our newsletter and of course “how do I win”?  Have a question not answered on this page? Feel free to contact us here.

How do I win?

Enter as often as the rules allow and by all methods available. Some contests let you enter online, by mail, texting, Facebook, etc.  Some give you bonus entries for sharing with friends. The more entries you have, the better your chances of winning.

Will I get called by telemarketers telling me I won a three day cruise?

While you may get those calls, it’s not because of our newsletter. The sweepstakes we send out are real sweepstakes, with very real prizes by legit sponsors.

What if I'm told I have to pay a fee to 'claim' a prize?

You never have to pay a fee to “claim” a prize. If someone tells you this, it’s a scam.

I'm worried about giving out my personal information. Is it safe?

The sweepstakes included in our newsletter are from major sponsors that you can feel safe in giving out your phone number, address and email. They use this information to contact the winners.

Why do companies run promotions and sweepstakes?

Marketing. Companies want new business and what better way to get people talking than to run a promotion or sweepstake?

Does your site use referral links?

NO…the site does not use referral links.  We also are not paid by the sponsors of these sweepstakes.  We do not believe a paid site should use referral links.

I don't have time to enter every day, can I still win?

Yes! This is exactly what our newsletter is all about! We handpick the best contests out there that we feel have the best odds. Enter as often as you can to increase your odds.

Are the sweeps you post open to Canada or Worldwide?

Some, but it is not our focus.  Our current sweeps we search for our meant to be for the United States.  There are some that are open to other countries but that is not our focus.

There are lots of free sites...What is wrong with them?

There is nothing wrong with these sites, but remember you are entering with the masses because they are free.  A good paid sweepstakes newsletter should easily pay for itself if you entering what is sent to you.  iWINContests hand picks which sweeps they include in each newsletter based on what we feel have the best chances of our subscribers winning.

I already subscribe to other sites...

iWINContests is designed to work in conjunction with others sources you may already use.  We focus on sweeps that other sites have missed.  Good sites and good newsletters pay for themselves many times over.