Welcome to the iWIN Discord group! Below, you'll find the necessary details to become a part of our community

Joining the iWIN Discord Group: 

Here’s a helpful video that provides a walkthrough of how Discord works: Watch the video 

Getting Started: 

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to set up a Discord account. You can do this either on the Discord website (Discord.com) or by using the app. You’re free to choose either method or even both; just remember to use the same login information for both. 

You can click LOGIN below and create an account or login to an existing one but you will still need to  Connect your profile to have full access to the iWIN channels.

Email Confirmation: 

Confirm your email address with Discord. This step is crucial as it grants you the ability to post within the server. 

Joining the iWIN Server: 

You can now join the iWIN Server by simply connecting your Discord account to your user profile.  You can do this here: Connect your profile

Using Discord on the iWIN Site below:  

This is good if just need to look something up or a quick question in a channel.  However, to see your DMs and use all the features and functions of discord you will want to use their app and/or directly on their website. (Discord.com)

Returning Members: 

If you were part of iWIN on Discord before and you’re returning, you will just need to Connect your profile to have access again

Thank you, and we look forward to having you as a valuable member of our community! 


Please reach out to us on the CONTACT FORM