Whole Hog Challenge – Florida

Whole Hog Challenge – Florida

Won at Daytona to compete in the finals in Miami

This is one of the weirder trips I have ever won. When I was at Daytona Speedway on another trip win. I signed up for a chance to take part in a rib eating contest. Ten people would be selected at random to eat 8 ribs as fast as possible. First person done would win a trip to Miami-Homestead for the final NASCAR race and a chance to compete against other winners for the Ultimate Champion.

I received a text around Noon on Sunday that if I could be at the booth around 315pm, I was selected to compete. I quickly did a google search to see how to eat ribs fast and stumbled upon Matt Stonie and his techniques. Sure enough, eight ribs later I was headed to Miami.

After I won, I had to do interviews and take photos with Richard Petty and Aric Almirola. This was a very fun contest that I had serious doubts if I even should have entered.

The finals in Miami, I did not even come close to winning. I had seen the times of others and we had to eat about 40 slices of bacon the fastest. Within the first few seconds, I knew I would have no chance of beating the person next to me, so I just enjoyed the competition, the race and the rest of the trip. It was a very unique experience.

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