Woman wins $95,000 Cash in the Michelob Ultra Superior Year Contest$95,000 Cash in the Michelob Ultra Superior Year Contest
I have been waiting a very long time to be able to share this email with you to give iWinContests.com and Tom my personal thanks! My name is Kristen, and I was the winner of the Michelob Ultra Superior Year contest, which included a trip to Nashville, work out with Shawn Booth at Booth Camp and $95,000 cash!

The trip was amazing they gave us lots of Michelob Ultra swag and put us up in a nice hotel downtown Nashville. The work out at Booth Camp was a true work out, it was hard-core, but my husband and I made it through smiling thinking about receiving that $95,000! It took a long time to receive the prize money from the time I was told I was the winner (almost four full months). It was very hard being patient to not share the news for so long!  

I have a few other wins that I have won through iWin since December. I still feel like I am new to all of this, Thank you again Tom for your wonderful service to all of us!